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Our offered Chillers are specially designed and engineered to find usage in various commercial applications. In manufacturing plants, these are used for cooling during production process, when required. These also work well for conditioning the air and are excellent in terms of cooling capacities of water and air coolers both. The mentioned devices are available with both single and multiple compressors by possessing greater capability of refrigerant-storage and eliminates the requirement of added space, external storage tank, etc. With up-to-the-minute design, these can render excellent advantages while installing and performing operations. Exceptional reliability is  achieved by utilizing our Chillers, as from manufacturing of rotors to the assembling of units, everything is done in-house.

Key Points:
  • These are specially engineered to be implemented in the air conditioning systems.
  • Very less oil is carried to the compressor.
  • Helps in protecting unit from unusual operations for durability.
  • Easy to maintain and have excellent redundancy.
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Air Cooled Scroll Chiller (Multiple Compressor)

Come find an Air Cooled Scroll Chiller (Multiple Compressor) suiting your exact need with us as we manage a vast stock of such cooling products. These scroll chillers are forwarded at best rates in various energy efficient designs. The chillers also give optimum functionality in tropical climatic conditions. Each compressor comes fitted with precisely designed refrigeration circuit ((individual and separate).

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Water Cooled Scroll Chiller (Single Compressor)

Price: 200000.00 INR

Our WATER COOLED SCROLL CHILLER (SINGLE COMPRESSOR) aligns with the latest international standards and is configured for hassle free installation and smooth operation. This compressor being microprocessor based can best meet cooling applications ranging from (+) 20°C to (-) 15°C . It can even take care of cooling needs for lower temperatures that may dip to almost (-) 50°C. Multiple scroll compressors and well designed individual refrigeration circuits are main parts of these chillers.