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Oil Chillers

Available in different cooling capacity options, the Oil Chillers are preferred for their reliable cooling operation and log working life. Their advanced mechanism enables these to inhibit oxidization of oil under high temperature and to maintain normal level of pressure and viscosity of oil. These chillers are equipped with cutting edge evaporator and condenser that adopt high performance heat transfer tubes. Their microcomputer based controller ensures about their uninterrupted operation as per their load change. As part of their safety systems, these Oil Chillers are completely protected against low pressure, phase loss, overheating and excessive current.  The digital alarm readout function of these chillers simplifies their troubleshooting process.

  • The offered chillers adopt compressor with independent refrigeration function.
  • The PLC based microcomputer controlled operation supports multiple languages.
  • Long service life.
  • Easy to comprehend mechanism.
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Hydraulic Oil Chillers

In various industrial applications, the extreme temperatures reduce the oil viscosity which causes internal leakage in hydraulic devices and seals. This results in frequent breakdowns and efficiency losses of the system. To avoid this problem, we bring forth a wide range of Hydraulic Oil Chillers. These are used to maintain a precise oil temperature in the power packs of hydraulic systems. High in demand for efficient functioning of high speed presses, CNC machine tools and hydraulic powered special purpose machines, these chillers use state-of-the-art brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE) to deliver rapid and highly efficient cooling.

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Industrial Oil Chillers

Price: 1929.00 - 12142.00 USD ($)/Set

These Industrial Oil Chillers are well built with inbuilt gear pumps which take oil from the power pack and pass it through the refrigerant-oil heat exchanger. The chilled oil is then returned to the power pack. As compared to conventional shell-and-tube type evaporators which were designed primarily for non-viscous fluids, these chillers are more efficient in their performance. Compact design of these chillers result in massive space saving. It offers high thermal efficiency owing to the design of the plate which facilitates turbulent flow for optimum heat exchange.