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Glycol Chillers

Widely used in breweries, restaurants, bars and other beverage processing units, the Glycool Chillers are required for producing cold mixture by blending water and anti freezing agents like propylene glycol of food grade quality. These chillers are designed with necessary components like digital thermostat, condenser, GI bath, procon pump, evaporator coil and compressor. As part of their mechanism, the cold mixture is conveyed via pump by passing through a circuit of tubes with looped design. These tubes are attached to the output and input parts of these chillers. The flow of glycol in these Glycool Chillers can be controlled by hand by using a shut off valve.

  • The glycol flow can be regulated automatically by utilizing a solenoid valve with temperature controlling system.
  • One can also control the flow of glycol in these chillers by simply inserting shut off valve.
  • Long working life.
  • Precise design.
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Industrial Glycol Chillers

Price: 200000.00 - 1000000.00 INR

These Industrial Glycol Chillers are extensively used in cider mills for fermentation control, cold storage and cold chilling the juice. In addition, it also finds application in breweries, wineries and distilleries. Available in single stage and multi stage series, these glycol chillers are ideal for applications with varying load requirements. These chillers have robust construction and require less maintenance for a long working life.

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Glycol Chilling Machine

Price: 190000 INR

Glycol Chillers are used in breweries for cooling the wort, crash cooling vessels and product storage. In wineries, it finds wide use in fermentation process, cold stabilization and room cooling. These chillers deliver high fluid flow which promotes maximum heat transfer to achieve faster and more consistent product cooling. It is specially engineered to support all your cooling needs. At the end, these chillers are also high in demand in distilleries for heat removal.