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Industrial Chillers

Our industrial chillers are delegated as a system for refrigeration that cools a treated  liquid or dehumidifies air in industrial and commercial facilities. This chiller will utilize either a absorption cycle or vapor pressure to cool. Cooled water possesses an assortment of uses from area cooling to process applications. Our industrial chillers offer heat and cooling recovery, efficient and reliable heating, process cooling and comfort for broader industrial and commercial uses. Applied systems blend cooler with units of fan coil for proficient interior cooling and heating, while elevated-limit mechanical units offer intact temperature regulation to vast scale scientific, healthcare or storage requirements.

Key Points:
  • Takes out start-up current spikes.
  • Circumvents  the requirement for delicate starters.
  • Control factor redress capacitors.
  • Lessens water tank needs in system.
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Air Chiller

Price: 200000.00 - 2000000.00 INR/Unit
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
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Batching Plant Chiller

Price: 200000.00 - 2000000.00 INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Week
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Blow Moulding Chiller

Price: 200000.00 - 2000000.00 INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Week
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Ammonia Milk Chillers

We excel in offering a comprehensive array of Ammonia Milk Chillers that comes in many environment friendly designs. Ammonia drives the operation of these chillers that make the product an eco friendly answer to meeting milk cooling needs. Low running cost is assured on every model and these chillers can be offered as per client specifications.

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Semi Hermetic Chiller

Semi Hermetic Chillers is suitable for cooling processes from (-) 20oC up to (-) 15oC. Ideal for larger industrial cooling and refrigeration applications, these chillers are integrated with reliable semi hermetic compressors. It is high in demand for use in various industries such as plastic, beverage and chemical. The chillers comprises of exposed insulated refrigeration lines which are covered with special protective wrapping for long lasting resistance. These chillers are best known for their small physical foot-prints.

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Anodising Chiller

We offer a wide range of Anodising Chillers in different designs to provide excellent installation flexibility in all types of environments. These are built for use in Titanium Anodizing, Type I Chromic Acid Anodizing, Titanium Anodizing, Type II Commercial Anodizing and Type III Hard Coat Anodizing. Requires less maintenance, these chillers are incorporated with a programmable logic controller (PLC) for easy operations and settings. In addition, these chillers are also best known for their non- ferrous construction.

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Chiller For Anodising

 We present different types of Chiller For Anodising that are made available in multiple designs. These chillers give faster and quicker installation flexibility in all environments. With their robust designs, these can be suitably utilized for Type II Commercial Anodizing, Titanium Anodizing, Type I Chromic Acid Anodizing, Titanium Anodizing, and also Type III Hard Coat Anodizing. The range is low maintenance & durable because of its non- ferrous construction.

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Chiller for Extrusion Lines

Plastic extrusion line requires chillers for its effective and continuous operation. Our wide range of Chillers for Extrusion Lines are best known for their non- ferrous construction of pump, evaporator, reservoir and piping which resist corrosion. Our modular chillers can be expanded quickly without interrupting the process. The production of plastic involves a huge amount of heat and our chillers are the best way to transfer this heat for easy formation of resins, thus, maximizing the productivity.

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Air Cooled Scroll Chiller (Single Compressor)

Our extensive range of Air Cooled Scroll Chiller (Single Compressor) feature top quality evaporators and scroll compressors. In addition, these are also well equipped with advanced safety features such as a flow switch and anti freeze protection. Designed to last, these chillers have small footprints. Specifically engineered to operate under extreme conditions, our comprehensive range is available in varied capacities, types and sustainable refrigerant options. We present you with an economical and reliable chilling technology for varied requirements of supermarkets and retail stores.

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Chiller For Electroplating

Price: 10000 INR/Piece

Available in air cooled and water cooled models, this Chiller for Electroplating maintains optimum temperature for the finishing process. These chillers have ruggedly dependable designs. Completely free from corrosion, these chillers are offered to clients in varied specifications and capacities. We use best quality materials to manufacture this chiller in complete compliance with the industry standards. We offer these chillers to clients at competitive prices.

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Low Temperature Chillers

Our Low Temperature Chillers are available for clients in different configurations with a variety of temperature ranges. Designed with excellent heat removal capacity, the chillers feature rugged construction and small footprint. These chillers are extensively used for heat exchangers, jacketed vessels, plastic molding and extrusion, chuck cooling, and various other OEM applications. These are specially built with advanced technology for various industrial temperature control applications.

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Industrial Process Chillers

Provide efficient cooling for a variety of applications, these Industrial Process Chillers are used in various industries such as plastic, baking, food, pharmaceutical and printing. Compact in designs, these Industrial Central Chillers are available in air cooled and water cooled models to meet all your industrial needs. Feature robust and corrosion resistant designs; our complete range is available in different capacities and specifications to fulfil diverse requirements.

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Bottling Plant Chillers

We present a wide range of economic and highly efficient Bottling Plant Chillers that are low on maintenance. We offer these chillers to clients in different specifications and capacities depending on the space available, cooling requirement and bottling plant output. Manufactured using supreme quality components and materials, these chillers are quiet and vibration free during operations. We stringently test these chillers on various standard quality parameters prior to final dispatch in market.

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Open Type Chillers

Price: 200000.00 - 200000.00 INR/Piece

These Open Type Chillers are integrated with an electric motor that is cooled by the ambient air. The best advantage with these chillers is that they can be driven by other means such as gas motor, steam turbine or gas turbine. The motor of these chillers do not rely on refrigerant for cooling. We have built these chillers with excellent ability to handle high voltages, which will further reduce the need for a transformer. It is best known for high- end performance under all climatic and duty conditions.

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Bio Gas Chillers

It is common to find traces of water vapor and humidity in biogases. Considerable damages and corrosion on gas motors and turbines are reported during combustion due to this water content. To avoid this problem, we present a wide range of Bio Gas Chillers for installation before the gas motors and turbines. It works by cooling the biogas and then separating it from the water and this temperature reduction causes dehumidification. It features a compact design with integrated condensate tank.

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Co2 Gas Chillers

These CO2 Gas Chillers are specially developed to meet industrial gases, super market refrigeration, cold storages as well as general cooling needs. It is highly suitable for medium, low and ultra low temperature applications. Cater to various industrial and commercial cooling needs, these chillers use natural CO2 refrigerant for cooling. Technologically advanced EC fans and motors make these chillers highly efficient in performance. Available with vertical or horizontal airflow, these are compatible for external installations.

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Chilling Plant Turnkey Project

We have been engaged in the industry for manufacturing a wide range of chillers for all types of industrial and commercial needs. In addition, we are also expert in undertaking complete Chilling Plant Turnkey Project. Our team is highly experienced and well trained in commissioning and installing chilling plants and chilled water systems. We even custom design these plants depending on the nature of application, space availability and process output.

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Water Cooled Chillers

Price: 200000 INR/Piece

Available with various sustainable refrigerant options, these Water Cooled Chillers offer superior reliability, high energy efficiency and long equipment life. These are ideal for industry-type process cooling, air conditioning applications and large- scale heat source systems. Widely used to cool various fluids in industries or to dehumidify air in commercial as well as industrial facilities, these chillers are robust in construction. Our entire range is high in demand for pharmaceutical industry, hotel, hospital and various industrial process cooling applications such as printing, plastic moulding and lamination.

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Cold Rooms

Our Cold Rooms are wisely designed as standard preservation chambers. These are specially built at site in specific dimensions and cooling requirements. We use top quality PUF Insulated panels for manufacturing these chambers. These are completely reliable storage chambers, specifically built to meet all your cooling needs. These are supplied in various industries such as dairy, seafood, pharmaceutical, horticulture and hospitality.

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Chiller For Anodizing

Our chillers are highly suitable for Titanium Anodizing, Type I Chromic Acid Anodizing, Titanium Anodizing, Type II Commercial Anodizing and Type III Hard Coat Anodizing. We have a wide range of Chiller for Anodizing in varied designs to provide great flexibility of installation in all types of environments. Reliable and easy to maintain, this chiller is integrated a (PLC) programmable logic controller. It features non- ferrous construction and an aluminum tank with level gauge and built in thermometer.

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Blown Film Plant Chillers

These Blown Film Plant Chillers are integrated with advanced direct cooling technology. Specifically developed for blown film lines, these chillers provide consistency in air temperature irrespective of the varied environmental conditions thus improving the film quality. In this chiller, a specific air temperature can be easily achieved in a shorter time. It also incorporates a hot gas bypass system which is used for capacity control in partial loads. Features stainless steel insulated housing; these chillers are suitable for all types of plant ambient conditions.

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Industrial Scroll Chillers

Price: 200000.00 - 1000000.00 INR/Piece

Operated using a vapor-compression or absorption refrigerant cycle to cool down a liquid for heat transfer, these Industrial Chillers are available in three major models, air cooled, water cooled and evaporative condensed. Integrated with a highly efficient and noise free heat exchanger, these chillers offer cooling very quickly. Come in compact designs, these equipments are incorporated with high- quality compressors. It works in basic cooling cycle in which the liquid refrigerant changes its phase to gas within an evaporator by absorbing heat from the water to be cooled. The resultant refrigerant gas is then compressed at a higher pressure, transforming backed into a liquid that goes back to the evaporator section.